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Monday, November 13, 2017

Four Things That Scare Us the Most.

According to the internet,
there are four things that scare people the most:

DEATH:  I would think that the fear of the unknown would be what people fear most.  Of course what happens after death is mostly unknown.  What fears me the most about dying is being separated from the people and pets that I love.

HELL:  That sort of goes along with death, doesn't it?  Hell is a place of eternal torment.  To me, it is a place of evil where good and love and God's blessings are missing, and a place where they keep the thermostat turned up way, way too hot.

SNAKES:  Most people really fear snakes.  I never have.  In fact, I used to have a pet snake.

The Dark:  The dark didn't scare me, even as a kid.  In fact, I would run into the dark to get away from bullies, etc.  For some reason, I seemed to have very good low light vision.

OK, so do any of the above scare you?  What else scares you the most?   When you go to bed tonight, turn out the lights and think of all the things that scare you.  Now, have a great day, you hear?


Friday, November 10, 2017

Wampus Cat

Back when I was a kid, we used to spend a lot of time at our family's camp near Tionesta, Pennsylvania.  At the time, it was at the end of a long dirt road which passed through two gates.  I was there when my parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins helped build it.  BTW, the first building completed was the outhouse.

In the evenings as it got dark, we built a fire outside in the fire ring that we made from rocks and told stories.  My cousin's husband told us about the Wampus Cat, a really scary and dangerous critter.  As we listened to those stories, the light from that camp fire that we were sitting around sure didn't shine as far into the darkness of the woods as it had before the story was told.  Here are a couple of pictures of Wampus Cats:

Now, just before you go to bed tonight, take a real close look at the two pictures above so that you will recognize them if they try to sneak into your bedrooms, and then have a peaceful sleep you hear?

Funny Story I Found on Line

I love humor and a lot of things make me laugh.  I see humor in things that most people do not.  Sometimes my sense of humor gets me in trouble and sometimes people like it and laugh.  I never know which way they will react.

Well, I actually look for humorous stuff on line.  Some of it is stupid, some of it is sick, some of it is not funny at all, but some of it is funny, at least to me.  For example, here is a funny story that I found at:

Easy to Swallow?My sister, Paula, and her husband, Chris, had just finished tucking their young ones into bed one evening when they heard crying coming from the children's room. Rushing in, they found Tommy crying hysterically.
He had accidentally swallowed a 5p piece and was sure he was going to die.  No amount of talking could change his mind. Trying to calm him, Chris palmed a 5p coin that he happened to have in his pocket and pretended to remove it from Tommy's ear. Tommy, naturally, was delighted.  In a flash, he snatched it from his father's hand, swallowed it and demanded cheerfully - 'Do it again, Dad!'

I had a couple of boys and could really see this happening.  OK, enough for today, hope to see you all tomorrow and make sure that you have a great day, you hear?

Monday, November 6, 2017

I Used To Be Good AT .. . .

Way back a few hundred years ago when I was a boy. . . Well maybe not a few hundred years, but it was a long time ago.  We kids were given an assignment at school to draw pictures of birds and label them.  I think that the teacher also wanted us to tell something about each bird.

Back then, I was quite good at drawing pictures of things, especially pictures that someone else had drawn.  So, I got out my Peterson's Field Guide to the Birds and started drawing and then coloring them with crayons.  I thought that I had done a great job but after the teacher graded them and returned them to us, I was shocked to see I got an "F".  My parents were furious.  In fact they went to see that teacher and the teacher said that the pictures were so perfect they had to be traced.  My parents insisted that I didn't trace them, but had just drew what I saw in the book.  Yep, the pictures in that book were drawn and painted by Peterson himself.

I guess the only moral to this story is that sometimes a person (or kid) can do some things too well.  I don't think that I could do that good of job anymore.  I am out of practice.  Of course if Grandma Moses could start painting in her old age, I should be able to sketch, draw, and/or paint in my old age.  Maybe I should sign my painting as Great Grandpa Dizzy. . .

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

How About a Poem?

I want to rhyme the words in today's post.
Using easy words that we use the most.

That may not be an easy thing to do.
There's more words than animals in a zoo.

But I will try to do my very best.
Without my getting all worked up and stressed.

Just occurred to me that it could be done.
So I think I will keep on, just for fun.

I have written poems back in the past.
I had so much fun, it was quite a blast.

So thought I would try it again today.
No, it's not because I had things to say.

Couldn't come up with anything better.
But I am not going to be the regretter.

So I am coming to the very end.
I promise that this will not be a trend.

I will get back to my old posting ways.
Maybe tomorrow or in a few days.

Rhyming is the easiest part to do.
It's the rhythm that makes it work for you.

So I will end this with just this to say,
I want you to have a very good day.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Lazy Bird

I happened to walk by a window and I glanced out to where the bird feeder was.  Not only do I put out a bird feeder full of bird seed, but I also put out suet and then pour bird seed on the ground.  What I saw made me chuckle.   There was a lazy bird laying on its stomach eating the bird seed on the ground.  Now, I thought to myself, that is really a very lazy bird.

I went to get my camera but that bird was standing up by then.  Dang, that would have made a great picture for my blog.  I guess that is about all I have to say today, so you all have a great day, you hear?

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

I'm Back. . .

No, I didn't go any where, I just couldn't think of a good subject to post about.  I know, you may say that never stopped me before (grin).

Some times I think that I am living in the past.  I had a wonderful time in the past with steam locomotives, great stories on radio and then on black and white TV, enjoying my relatives, and much, much more.  Yes, of course I went through illnesses, sad losses of loved ones, and ups and downs, but mostly I try to forget the bad and remember the good.

Now, I seem to live in the past by watching old black and white TV shows.  I just finished watching Perry Mason.  The old shows to me, are the most enjoyable thing about having Dish satellite TV.  And of course, they televise the NHRA Top Fuel races which I always watch.  OK, I am going to get back to rocking in my chair and watching old TV shows and I want you to have a great day, you hear?